Cialis Prices

Want to know all about Cialis Prices? Here we review and compare cialis prices from pharmacies worldwide so you get the best deal and cheapest cialis.

Cialis prices compared…

  • Cialis at Walmart will cost you 25 ( please double check it yourself ! )
  • Cialis at Costco will set you back 30 USD
  • Cialis at CVS will charge you a whopping 29 USD
  • Cialis at Pharmacy XL will cost you only 1.5 USD … click here

So what you do? Going for the old fashioned way and paying high prices for a relatively simple medication like Cialis? Well the truth is that the big pharma companies love to sell expensive medications to the general public by selling so called “branded medications” in fancy packages and then push the politics and lobby groups to keep it this way. However there are many “generic drugs” out there and sold by an online pharmacy or online drugstore with much cheaper prices! On top of that the active ingredients found in these generic medicines are exactly the same and this is also the case with Cialis / Generic Cialis.

So now we can’t look into your wallet or salary, but if you also think 25 USD per tablet is too much for a cialis pill, then perhaps it is time to consider buying generic cialis somewhere else. We do it ourselves for more than 5 years and use generic cialis twice a week, which means let’s say 100x per year. This mean 23,5 USD savings per pill x 100 = 2350 USD savings per year, which means a huge amount!

Yes it is true that drug prices in the Western / developed part of the world are crazy high and it is actually more kind of a tax by the pharmaceutical companies and big investors over ordinary people. They simply want your money and it is your duty to stop it! Especially on something delicate and sensitive as your sexual health, your relationship or marriage. Is it not true that everyone deserves an happy sexlife and relationship full with sex and love as well as passion? And erectile dysfunction / impotence can destroy this all. Fortunately there is an easy, safe and cheap way to solve all those erection problems simply with generic cialis for 1.5 USD per tablet. Let go more in detail into Cialis.

How does Cialis actually work?

Cialis is working, like any medication, by an active ingredient, normally an special chemical ingredient which make your body do something. With Cialis this active ingredient is “Tadalafil” and it is pretty amazing. Why? Because it works so long, more than 36 hours you will be able to get a long hard erection with Cialis and compare this with the competition. For example Viagra, Kamagra, Levitra and Stendra all only work about 8 hours. Now you can perhaps understand why cialis is so immense popular around the globe and you will understand the power. The amount of tadalafil found in Cialis is normally 20mg tadalafil, however in generic cialis there are various strength available ranging from 5mg, 10mg, 20mg, 40mg, 60mg, so for every individual there is something that fits their bodies.

Cialis Picturs

Cialis has this funny, beautiful colour “orange” and is therefore called sometimes informal the “orange pill” while for example viagra has a blue color and therefore has the nickname “blue pill”. However a good appearance and funny colour can always be important, more important is how it works and as you can read from above, the result are simply amazing! Read for example the underlying review.

Cialis Review

Hi my name is Walter and I am 45 yo married male from Michigan. I have an office job and have slight overweight, sport 2x a week at the local gym, however I got erectile dysfunction since I passed the age of 35. My wife started noticing that I couldn’t last long anymore, wasn’t that hard and even sometimes couldn’t get it up, even when I didn’t have sex for a week. Of course I was aware of this problem and started to google on impotence and ed treatment. I found 2 pills, viagra and cialis and discussed with friends if they has similar problems. I didn’t want to go to my doctor as too much sensitive and quickly I realized prices of ed pills like cialis where outrageous! Fortunately my friends advised me a good quality online pharmacy for cialis pills and I am so grateful for that as I am using generic cialis for many many years with great pleasure and whenever I want to have sex guaranteed I take Cialis. However this doesn’t mean I always use it, sometimes I don’t even need it, but with Cialis I have the comfort and power to perform… always! Thanks and happy greetings from Michigan.

Where to buy Cialis online?

Well this is finally up to you! We gave you all information about cialis in general, cialis prices and how it works and links to the best shops and online stores, but finally it is up to you what are you ready to pay. We weren’t ready to pay the high prices at local pharmacies, so went to a trusted online pharmacy and we can advise anyone else to do same. Not only for cialis but also for other pills and supplements.