We ourselves are a group of Cialis fans and we know we are not alone, as Cialis changed the sexlife of millions of men and women forever ! And totally positively. Finally men are able to get a long hard erection with a Cialis Pill and not like Viagra for only 4-6 hours, but much longer – 36 hours!!! this is the reason we are absolutely fan of Cialis, however we decided to start this blog as Cialis prices are crazy expensive at our local pharmacies and we wanted to make an overview of Cialis Prices at trusted alternatives pharmacies which we use ourselves and have experiences with so other men and women can take advantage of this and also get the sexlife they want and need for a normal price! We think it is unhuman to ask 30 USD per cialis pill, while generic cialis is available online for let’s say 2 USD. Sex is 50% or more in a relationship so a human right like free speech and the right to live. Feel free to comment and write us with your ideas about Cialis and Cialis prices or give review and detailed experiences how cialis change your (sex)life.

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